Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Case Lot Sale! ...and other grocery deals...

There is no Bountiful Baskets this week due to New Years holiday. And with the amount I've been working, I've not had much time to update anything on here. But here are the grocery deals for the week. The biggest one is Smith's case lot sale. When you buy any of those items by the case, they are much cheeper than normal. If it is a food item that you will use often, and you have room to store a case, I highly recomend this.

Smiths Case Lot Stuff: (you have to buy the whole case to get this price)

Kroger Tomato Sauce 8 oz cans. $0.20 each

Libbys Canned Veggies 15 oz cans $0.55 each

Kroger Canned Beans 15 oz cans $0.57 each

C&H Sugar 4 lb bags $2.29 each

And since I'm too lazy to type all the prices, I just going to list the rest of the items they are selling by the case. Check the Smith's web site or flyer for all the prices.

Kroger peanut butter

Chicken of the Sea tuna

Kroger canned fruit

Kroger canned tomatos

Hunts tomato sauce

Kroger canned broth

Kroger canned mushrooms

Kroger green chilis

Kroger veggie oil

Kroger evaporated milk

and more...

And other Smith's deals:

Barrella pasta 12-16 oz $1.00 each

Kroger butter $2.50 each

Barrella pasta sauce 24 oz $2.00 each

Chicken leg quarters $0.79 lb.

Simple Truth organic beans 15 oz cans $1.00 each


Chuck Roast $2.49 lb

Hunts diced tomatos or pasta sauce $1.00 each

Ronzoni pasta 12-16 oz $1.00 each

Libby's canned veggies $1.00 each

S & W canned beans $1.59 each

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your new year!

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